Duffy Boat Cruising

Duffy FR 602-451

Don’t let the summer pass you by without taking a Duffy boat cruise.

What are Duffy boats? Small-ish electric-powered boats that are so easy to maneuver throughout most waterways, canals and tight areas. They’re almost like golf carts on the water. Duffy's are designed for small groups to hang out and navigate quietly around the Bay at a low speed.
Perfect for a sunset happy hour or lunchtime cruise! Some water-based home owners use them as an alternative means of transportation to nearby local destinations, avoiding the traffic that tends to greatly increase during the summer months.

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Duffy boats were invented by Marshall “Duffy” Duffield, when he was a teenager living in Newport Beach. By cobbling a together a golf cart motor, electric battery and a small day boat, the quiet bay cruiser was born. Nowadays, Duffy boats are seen all over Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, San Diego and many other parts of the West Coast as well as the East coast and the entire world.
A Duffy ride is easy to pull together. Simply make a rental reservation at numerous rental establishments throughout So. Cal. and plan a picnic for your Harbor, Bay, Venice Canal or Coronado Cays jaunt. You’ll want water, wine and cocktails for sure, and most of the boat rental places will usually provide ice.

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For food, anything from Trader Joe’s to a party platter from El Ranchito or Bristol Farms works. Remember to bring plates, cups, napkins and plastic ware. You can connect your smartphone or iPod to the boat for music.
Meet your group a few minutes early to check in and load up. You’ll get a rundown of the rules of the water and receive a map of the Harbor with geographical and historical landmarks.

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So relax and get comfortable in the couch and table setting. If it’s chilly, simply pull down the plastic canopies.
Newport Harbor is so beautiful, and it’s exciting to see the homes and businesses all along the water. Balboa Island, Lido Isle and the entire Peninsula all look so different when you view them from sea level.

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And you’ll see a variety of boats, from gigantic yachts to dinghies. It’s fun to see the boat names and locations, which are sometimes from exotic places seemingly a world away.

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And some are just a bit closer to OHM... oops, I mean home. So why knot start "quietly" cruising the Harbors and Bays of So. Cal. today!